HO-LA Savjetovanje d.o.o.
Headquarters: Ulica Nicole Badovinca 16
10000 Zagreb

Tel.: +385-1- 4651916
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Commercial Register No.: (MBS) 2687771
VAT No. : (OIB) HR 38664329169
Commercial Court Zagreb

Central and south east Europe is our market. With more than 25 years of presence, our consultants with outstanding network in central Europe and excellent reputation guarantee the optimum coverage of the HR needs of our clients.

Highly qualified consultants with multinational experience compose the guarantee of our success. Our ambition is to provide professional and premium quality services to local and international companies in the fields:

  • Search

  • Evaluation

  • Development

  • HR-Consulting

All our services are flexibly applicable and offer you as a client the option to benefit from the “One Stop Shopping” concept. Due to rapid changes in the business world, you as a client demand a partner, who cooperates directly, readily and result-oriented. Our modular services aim to cover your specific needs.

The methods and procedures we propose, lead to practical solutions with clear benefits.

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