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Joannis Pournaras

International Master Trainer with proven track-record since the late 80s. In medium sized enterprises and multinational companies he is valued as an expert in the HR segments Recruiting, Management Audit, Train the Trainer as well as Consulting in the reorganization of departments. As the Managing Partner he offers clients his expertise as a Human Resources Consultant nationally and internationally. More

E-mail: jpo@ascendant.com.hr


Denise Sakkoleva

HR Consultant since 1994 in Austria and Greece, specializing in international Research for top executive positions across various sectors. Besides her know-how in staffing projects (240 positions in one project) she can refer to many years of experience in successful placement of middle management positions in Middle East Europe.

E-mail: dsa@ascendant.com.hr


Lara Horvat

As Management Assistant with diploma of the Zagreb School of Management and her education in Public Relations and Project Management she has two areas of responsibility. She is involved in the organization and the smooth running of the office both in Croatian and English language. Furthermore Mrs. Horvat is the link for all concerns of our clients, consultants and cooperation partners in Croatia and abroad.

E-mail: Lho@ascendant.com.hr


Despina Theodoridou

With many years of experience in Human Resources Consulting in Germany and Greece, Mrs. Theodoridou is our external Senior Consultant and Head of Research in Frankfurt/Main. Her main focus in HR consulting is in international recruiting, employer branding, executive and management search. She has a degree in economics and business administration from the University Stuttgart-Hohenheim with focus on marketing, human resources & organization and consumer policy. She worked more than ten years in international B2B marketing in the industry sector and expanded her knowledge in coaching in the area of systemic business coach Career Planning. More

E-mail: dth@ascendant.com.hr


Janez Hudovernik

Finishing his studies at University of Ljubljana in the field of Economics and obtaining a Bachelor of Science, he started his career as Production- and later as Sales Manager. He expanded his knowledge and became Trainer with several highly acknowledged certifications. As an Expert in Sales and Sales Management Trainings he has more than 20 year’s local and international experiences with excellent references. Mr. Hudovernik is located in Slovenia and represents Ascendant there and in general South of the Alps in the training field. More

E-mail: jhu@ascendant.com.hr


Mirjana Slat

International Consultant with 20 years experience in regional and international companies in the areas of recruiting, management assessment and professional/intercultural coaching, as well as HR consulting. More

E-mail: msl@ascendant.com.hr


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